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27 January 2017

Trend Bible 4CBBC 

We are seeing more and more parents beginning to favour the ‘friend parenting’ approach where parent and child communicate on a peer level. As we move towards a society connected by values rather than age, children’s design has become considerably more sophisticated as a response. Within media and entertainment specifically there is an increasing demand for age neutral content that appeals to the whole family.

For adults, the shift is the opposite, with design moving towards a more playful and escapist aesthetic. In this post, we explore the concept of age neutral branding and take a look at some of the brands who have already adopted this approach.

Growing Sophistication

Trend Bible 2CBBC 

With a growing sophistication amongst children it is important for brands to instil this desire for independence and freedom of thought into their products, branding and marketing strategies.

This was reflected earlier this year when children’s TV channel, CBBC revealed their new ‘grown up’ look. The colourful rebrand was designed to appeal to both ends of CBBC’s broad age spectrum (6-12 years old). Whilst not obviously ‘childish’ at first glance, the new brand identity is bright, mischievous and sophisticated, all traits that reflect the CBBC audience. As requested by hundreds of children, the CBBC set was also renamed as part of the rebrand to ‘CBBC HQ’, echoing the growing sophistication of children.

Playful Branding

Trend Bible 3From left to right: Maitre Choux Patisserie, Village Cafe 

Whilst children’s branding shifts towards a more sophisticated aesthetic, for adults playfulness is key. Maitre Choux Patisserie based in South London, collaborated with Monogram to create their fun, yet premium, identity. This allows the Patisserie to appeal to the entire family rather than concentrating solely on the adult. Similarly, kid friendly cafe, Village Café based in Montreal Canada uses playful pastels and simple line illustrations to successfully welcome a broad spectrum of ages.

Over the next 12-18 months we expect to see more businesses removing age boundaries within their branding to appeal to a larger and more diverse audience.

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