Baby & Kids Trends: Spring Summer 2018 Seasonal Preview

Written by trendbible

8 February 2018

For Spring Summer 2018, we see two main themes emerge as a result of children’s increasingly screen-based lives. The first theme; a true simplification that relies on pared-back symbolism and pictorial communications which engage shorter attention spans, comes to life in trends Emoji City and Confetti Party. The second theme; a pure indulgent joy in the amalgamation of themes, geographies and eras which kids explore online daily, emerges in trends Fantasy Flight and Jungle City Mash. These trends were forecast in our Spring Summer 2018 Kids Lifestyle trend book.

Here we share 2 of the 4 trends forecast for the season, Emoji City and Jungle City Mash. Our full Spring Summer 2018 Seasonal Preview featuring all 4 trends is available to download for free from the sidebar. These trends, for the Baby & Kids market, were first forecast and published back in 2016 and you can expect to see them emerge in stores over the coming months.


This fresh, minimal story sees children discovering new ways of communicating through simplified imagery. Evolving friendships through emojis, symbols and icons, these emotive visuals replace words and language.

Eyes that are winking, blinking or sleeping provide playful placement and repeat motifs on products. Focused around indoor play, toys are simple and tactile offering a welcomed break from digital screens. Print direction is graphic and fun, helping to develop a new approach to characters and typography, that softens the mood in this minimal setting.


The city setting transforms into an urban jungle for mini explorers in this wild, summer trend. This vibrant, Latin American inspired story is bursting with confidence and energy as children make use of a new mash-up of contradicting worlds.

Dinosaurs are key for inspiring a range of hard and soft products. Illustrated characters head to the city, inspiring placement and repeat prints. Bring the outdoors in with vines and jungle leaves used as design features. Raw wood is slotted together to create shack inspired dens for bedrooms.

Download your free seasonal preview from the sidebar to the right of this post and follow our TwitterInstagram and Pinterest pages to see how all four Spring Summer 2018 trends emerge in store. 

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