Baby and Toddler trends with Hannah Matthews

31 August 2017

At this year’s Kind + Jugend show, our Trend Analyst Hannah Matthews will be giving an exclusive presentation revealing two unique trends for 2018.  The talk will also provide an overview of what’s motivating parenting decisions, as well as social, cultural, educational and environmental factors affecting play, nurturing and entertainment.

The presentation will be taking place on the 14th September at 3pm and again on the 15th September at 11am in the Trend Forum. Visit the website for more details of the show and click here to view a full list of exhibitors. In the build up to the Kind + Jugend Show, Hannah discusses how baby and toddler trends are developed and what’s to come for 2018. You can read the interview in full over on the Kind + Jugend blog. 

Hannah, how do you determine trends for textile living in the baby and toddler outfitting sector? What affects them?

Our Trend Panels are a real catalyst for the start of each season. We invite influential thinkers, such as designers, academics and behavioural psychologists, to share with us their expert opinion on what’s driving change for the Baby and Kid’s lifestyle industry. We look at a broad range of sectors including education, parenting, childhood development, the art of play, the future of technology, health and nourishment, as all of these can play a part in determining what’s driving a trend. This information is then clustered and distilled into commercially viable forecasts for babies and kids. We translate how each one will look in regard to print & pattern, materials & textiles, interiors and product direction.

What is influencing trends for 2018?

Trend Bible Spring Summer 2018 

For Spring Summer 2018 there are several influences driving change in design for babies and kids. One of the key overarching themes is the need for pure, indulgent joy and immersive play. This positive energy takes over the home and you can see this reflected in our design themes for Spring Summer 2018, with a real focus on creating a fun atmosphere everyday through playful prints and joyful messages.

Escapism is another major influence for Spring Summer 2018. Children switch off from the harsh realities of the real world and get lost in their imaginations. The rise in virtual and augmented reality helps to enhance this experience even more as designs are brought to life and new fantasy worlds discovered.

What materials and patterns are forecast for Spring Summer 2018?

Materials for Spring Summer 2018 are all about creating really tactile and interesting surfaces through the use of embossed finishes, silicone and wood combinations and iridescent sheens. Print and pattern evokes a real sense of joy and escapism through cheerful messages and playful prints.

Kind + Jugend is the leading international trade fair for baby and toddler products. If you won’t be able to attend the show this year, Trend Bible are publishing a full report analysing the emerging trends in Kid’s lifestyle products evidenced at the show.


Trend Bible have helped an experienced marketing team to think about our brand, the market and the future in a completely different way. The results have been positive and tangible. Their input is challenging, fresh but critically also practical.

Sherwin Williams

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