Beyond Alcohol Consumption

Written by trendbible

22 February 2017

42 Juice 

“We are living through a new era of creative, non-alcoholic drinkers that go way beyond a coke or sweet mocktail” – Myles Davies.

More than ever, consumers are taking control of their personal wellbeing – self-educating about the best in fitness and nutrition and using technology to monitor and control this. Consequently, the health and fitness market is booming with UK gym membership numbers reaching a record high in 2016 (Leisure DB). This is having a considerable impact on the beverage market and in particular alcohol consumption both in and outside of the home.

Millennials in particular are turning their backs on alcohol, choosing products that make them feel better in the long term instead. However, this doesn’t mean that they want to give up the ‘treat’ mentality associated with drinking these beverages. Developed by Imperial Spring Water, the entirely non-alcoholic ‘Tipsy’ water range includes flavours such as gin and tonic, rum and cola, whiskey and cola and pastiche.


Going alcohol free does not mean compromising on taste. In fact, getting creative and concocting new flavours is something this new era of non-alcoholic drinkers are seeking. Seedlip, in honour of the Earth’s pure natural ingredients, is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit created by Ben Branson. A blend of different botanicals creates a variety of tastes which offer endless possibilities for bitter, sour, dry and savoury drinks.

Thomas & Evans No.1 

Thomas & Evans No.1 is described as the sophisticated soft drink for adults. Only 99 calories a bottle, the flavourful alternative to alcohol is crafted with over 20 ingredients including green fruit juices filtered through silver birch charcoal and steam-distilled botanicals.

As health trends continue to gain traction, it is important for brands and drink manufacturers to respond and consider the appeal of their products beyond alcohol content.

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Stay tuned for part two of our ‘Alcohol’ series, where we will be discussing why staying in is the new going out and exploring what affect this is having on homeware. 

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