Casa Decor 2020 and The Rise of Remote Inspiration

Written by Kate Usher

2 April 2020

The 55th edition of the much anticipated Casa Decor design event in Madrid went ahead as planned this year, one of the few industry events to do so in the wake of COVID-19. However, it has since shut its doors due to the lockdown in Spain.

The cancellation of design shows around the world this Spring (not least Salone del Mobile Milan) will leave many design teams wondering where they will turn for inspiration. However, with digital first events on the rise and the power of digital media stronger than ever, perhaps physical footfall at these shows is not quite as important as the ripples that cascade through international media. While Casa Decor usually welcomes around 50,000 visitors over the 5 week period, the digital and printed media impact of the show is much further reaching, with over 1.5 million audience impacts in the months that follow the show. More often than not these days, it is the photographers and media who visit the key events, who are responsible for sharing inspiration and innovations around the world.

As a result, we’re seeing ever more attention grabbing concepts come to the fore; designs that command attention and have the power to stop us scrolling for a few moments. This is changing the very nature of interior design, with more unusual and interesting combinations of colour and material and a lot less subtlety in design. We are also seeing an increase in 3D rendering technologies as designers use advancing technologies to craft imaginative and experimental interiors, playing with inspiration before putting any physical design into action.

With all this in mind, here is our round-up of some of the most innovative spaces from Casa Decor 2020.

Mixology Club by Nuria Alia

The designer created an atmospheric cocktail bar  to showcase Hisbalit Tiles, which is an explosion of colour. She wanted to create the hypnotic, enveloping effect of looking through a kaleidoscope and took inspiration from both Bauhaus and Art Deco design.

Roca Tile by Masquespacio

This space was created as a contemporary nod to Greco-Roman architecture and surrealist fantasies. The layering of cold hard marble, ceramic tile and polished brass surfaces with soft velvet cushioned seating, feathery textured grasses and white linen drapery is a heavenly feast for the senses.

Hansgrohe x Patricia Bustos

Patricia Bustos has called this spa space ‘Metanoia’ in her words, “a Greek word which means change of direction, the rebirth of a more balanced and spiritual life”. Her aim was to create a space that would act as a balm for our over-stimulated and fast-paced minds. A new shower concept from Hansgrohe provided the centrepiece. Its delicate and silent “PowderRain” jet saves a large amount of water thanks to the ‘Ecosmart’ flow reduction system. Key materials include an adaptable, sustainable and acoustic floor and lots of gradient coloured glass panelling. Comfort and sustainability sit harmoniously side by side in Metanoia.

Deves|A|Genjo Interior Design Studio

With this foyer space the design duo Ane Devesa and Jose Agenjo sought to achieve a warmer sensory experience and a return to more welcoming spaces, which retain an air of sophistication. They achieved this by using calming earthy and green tones, crafted materials such as sintered stone and ceramics in different formats and finishes, combined with fibres, textiles and wood.

TV Lounge by Antro Design

The use of large format monochromatic marble (a material we’re seeing used increasingly in high end interiors) combined with high octane colour and wild animal references on the walls in the form of masks and wallpaper, create a highly dramatic room where popular culture can be enjoyed through music, lighting and television.

21st Century Marquess by Jose Lara

Here we see a masculine dressing room that displays the luxuries of a contemporary marquess. The project is based on the use of natural, recycled and hand-crafted materials that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. Wall decor is given a refreshingly new idea with the brick tile border below the ceiling line. Baked apricot shades on the walls also cement the return to warmer hues for interiors in 2020 and beyond.

For more design inspiration from Casa Decor 2020 you can access and download our complimentary highlights report. Click the ‘download now’ button on this post.

Overall a great day which involved getting everyone's thoughts, ideas and reservations down on paper. I am looking forward to seeing how this information will be overlaid with the vital trend insights we need to drive new product development and long-term business growth.

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