CES 2020 | Key highlights for the future of life at home

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16 January 2020

CES 2020 brings together professionals from around the world, showcasing the next generation of consumer technology and design. The global stage is the ultimate platform for innovation, allowing pioneers of the industry to connect and collaborate. With over 4,500 exhibitors and offering 300+ conference sessions, CES showcases innovations in health & wellness, home & family, immersive entertainment and more.

Our team share their highlights from CES 2020 with product innovations and new technologies set to impact the future of life at home.

A Healthy Home

Technology advancements in self-care and health monitoring have responded to a new generation of consumers obsessed with improving their health and wellbeing. As these consumers look to enhance the quality of their environment and mood, their focus shifts towards the home, where more consideration is given to their surroundings and the products they buy.

Winner of CES 2020 innovation award, Puripot air lamp improves air quality through a smaller device in comparison to existing purifying systems. Leaving behind the traditional and unsightly plastic aesthetic and with a focus on sophisticated design, this multi-functional lamp can be placed anywhere in the home.


Inclusive Kitchens

Accessibility is an important consideration for consumers who are willing to invest in their homes to help them live more independently for longer.

Whilst traditional kitchens force users to stand or stretch, GE Appliances ‘Shift’ kitchen offers smart height adjustable surfaces aswell as voice and face recognition for a personalised experience. The Shift kitchen is designed to provide householders with age, mobility or illness limitations with an empowering, inclusive environment that meets their needs.

GE Appliances

A Safe Night’s Sleep

Monitoring and tracking technology has become a mainstream requirement offering extra reassurance for modern-day parents. Products that help reduce anxieties appeal to overloaded, and overwhelmed parents. The Nanit sleeping bag is 100% cotton, machine washable and enables parents to monitor their baby’s breathing motion in real-time, without attaching any electronic device nearby or on the baby.


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