CES 2020 | Tech Trends in Sleep

Written by Owen Wright

19 February 2020

Over the past five years, CES has become a key event for sleep tech with brands displaying cutting-edge innovation and concepts to optimise sleep. Personalised sleep solutions continued to be a key focus for brands at this years show, whether that be aids to alleviate different types of snoring, cooling devices to optimise individuals body temperatures or wearables that monitor your brains activity.

The innovation-focused show provides us with the opportunity to uncover weak signals and early signs of change that will impact the attitudes and behaviours of mass consumer groups in the near and distant future. Here are our top three sleep trends uncovered at the show.

Breathe Easy: Snoring Solutions

 Images left to right: Philips, Tenminds

Innovations addressing the issue of snoring continues to be a key focus in the sleep category, as brands look to create less intrusive and approachable solutions. The Motion Pillow by Tenminds is a memory foam pillow with four integrated pressure sensing airbags. When the accompanying microphone box detects snoring it gently inflates, turning the user’s head to improve breathing. The Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band is a wearable device that looks to address positional snoring (snoring induced by sleeping on your back). Worn around the torso, sensors in the device detect when the wearer turns onto their back, a series of vibrations then prompts them to turn on their side, opening their airways and alleviate snoring.

Temperature Control: Cooling Sleep


Increasingly hotter weather and research highlighting the need for optimised sleeping temperatures drives consumers appetite for personalised sleep devices. Launched at CES 2020 Ebb Therapeutics debuted its first wearable sleep device. This fluid-filled headband cools your forehead helping to reduce metabolic activity in the brain. The band delivers a personalised experience using an algorithm to maintain an optimal temperature range throughout the night. Smart materials and sensors will become increasingly important, creating the perfect climate for sleep for each person throughout the night.

Sleep Headband: Improving Deep Sleep

Images left to right: Philips, Muse

From the Fitbit to the Apple Watch consumers have become accustomed to wearables that track everything from heart rate to sleep quality. Sleep headbands, which made their debut CES 2018 continue to see product improvements and feature updates as brands look to create compelling wearables that help induce a deeper sleep. Muse launched their new sleep headband product the Muse S, a soft multi-sensor meditation device that reads brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements. Muse S can help users go to sleep, taking them through a “Go-to-Sleep Journey” while monitoring the above vitals.

Philips unveiled its new SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband 2, introducing new features unavailable in the previous model. These include; a New Fall Asleep Sounds feature which helps soothe the wearer to sleep. A SmartAlarm which helps wake the wearer in their lightest stage of sleep. The redesign has also reduced the size and weight of the device while adding bone conductive speakers and an improved app featuring a more detailed look at the wearers sleep patterns. While these devices offer consumers a more targeted experience over wearables such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch, the current price creates a barrier for consumers seeking more value for money, creating opportunities for other devices in the near future.

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Written by Owen Wright

Owen joined the team as Trend Researcher in 2017 and supports the Strategy and Insight team delivering bespoke consultancy to brands and manufacturers. He previously worked as an innovation specialist at Godfrey Syrett. He has a degree in Industrial and Product Design from the University of Teeside.

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