Child Activists

3 August 2017

Save The Children

Rather than waiting for change to happen, children are finding their own voice through social media and online campaigns. Preparing them for real life, parents are encouraging kids to think deeply and question appropriately to make healthy choices and prepare them for adult life. Disillusioned by structures, we are seeing children begin to challenge the political systems and stereotypical culture that they are born into. Driven more by empathy than previous generations, they are united with like-minded individuals through the internet and seek out opportunities to do good; standing up for what they believe in.

CBeebies | Everyone’s Welcome


Looking through the eyes of a child, children’s TV channel CBeebies’ latest advertisement offers an unedited and innocent view of diversity and equality. The heartwarming film is part of CBeebies’ new campaign ‘Everyone’s Welcome’, aiming to promote thought provoking discussion on diversity from an impressionable age.

“It’s a campaign that shows just how young children see the world, and quite frankly they see things differently to how you and I might. These kids know what’s important – friendship, openness and respecting each other’s differences, a lesson we can all learn from.” Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children’s Content.

Stand up for Feminism | Girls United

Girls United

Children are using their entrepreneurial spirit to fight change; young women are especially in the spotlight. Infuriated by the lack of female representation in modern board games and gender bias in schools, two twelve year old girls decided to take matters into their own hands and created the website, Girls United. Designed as a place for young people to share their opinions and address sexism, the platform highlights the willingness of children to have their voices heard. As one of the website’s founders states, “We definitely think it’s up to our generation to change the problem that has been made”.

Making a Difference | The Pulse Jump Rope

The Pulse Jump Rope

There is a rise of products and services that encourage children to make a difference. The Pulse Jump Rope brings electricity to the developing world. For every jump rope sold, the company provides one to a child in a developing country. Its battery charger uses kinetic energy generated by skipping to power a phone, laptop or LED lamp.

Now able to do everything from running their own business, to becoming global activists it is important for brands to start responding to the power and influence of children today. There is an opportunity for brands to consider and respond to the increasing sophistication of children  and their desire to make a change in the world.

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