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Written by Jenna Galley

16 April 2020

As well as understanding the immediate impact of COVID-19 and analysing how it will shift consumer behaviours in the coming months, the Trend Bible team have also been navigating the territory of from-home-trend-forecasting. In this blog post, we speak to Insight Editor, Jenna Galley to discuss how she is adjusting to life in lockdown and her tips for digital collaboration and staying creative.

As Insight Editor, I am responsible for the creative output of Trend Bible’s Baby & Kid’s Edit subscription service. For the past three weeks, myself and the team have been working hard to add a pandemic lens over our forecasts as well as creating tools and frameworks to help businesses innovate, flex and adapt. Adjusting to this new normal whilst juggling new priorities, deadlines and rapidly changing information has been, and continues to be, a learning curve.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Find your WFH routine 

Whilst working from home, my usual 8-4 day has disappeared. Instead, I’ve learnt to flex to accommodate some new working rituals I’ve adopted whilst working from home. I wake up at the same time, but in place of a rather rushed commute, I spend the first hour of my day having a cup of tea and catching up with the world’s news. I aim to be at my desk between 8:30-9am and usually start the day checking in on Microsoft Teams and the Trend Bible Slack channels. I’ve also found taking frequent, shorter breaks throughout the day rather than a full lunch hour suits me better, allowing me to take a breather and reset between tasks.

Taking time to get to know your style and finding a routine that works for you is so important. If you have children, plan in pockets of productive time or if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t feel guilty for taking a break or going for a walk.

Digital collaboration is key 

Researching, sense-making and refining trends is a complex and analytical task. Researching, sense-making and refining trends during a pandemic, adds another layer of complexity. As a result, I’ve found digital collaboration is key! Scheduling in regular brainstorms with the team to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 has allowed me to craft well considered, well-rounded forecasts and hypotheses, ultimately strengthening the information and guidance we give to our clients.

Understand yourself and your team’s behaviours

Trend Bible work with Duo Global Consulting to constantly develop the company culture and team dynamic. Each team member has a behavioural map, outlining their behavioural motivations and preferences. Working from home, I have been able to spot where my behavioural patterns have dialled up or down and have been able to adjust my working style accordingly. As an “external” (someone who is energised by collaboration with others), the lack of communication and face to face contact was really affecting my working day. Recognising this, I now ensure I have at least one video call a day and make it a priority to schedule in catch ups with a variety of team members through the week. This understanding has also helped me spot other people’s behaviours and allowed me to flex and adapt to suit them.

It’s so important, particularly when it comes to management and leadership that you get to know your team’s working styles and adjust accordingly. It’s also worth remembering this is not ‘business as usual’ and the current situation may affect team members in different ways, at different times.

Finally, stay creative! 

On an evening, rather than consuming more heavy news, I’m really enjoying scrolling through Instagram to see how the creative community are responding. Working across Baby & Kids and Gift & Greetings, I’m particularly interested to see new and emerging family rituals, activities and celebrations emerge.

As well as that, the team has continued to keep me inspired, from sharing interesting finds on our Slack channels to our annual Easter lunch, where the team (and our new mini recruits) came together virtually to share Easter crafts from egg decorating, baking to bonnet making.

For more inspirational shares from our team follow our #TrendBibleCreativityContinues Instagram stories; showcasing work from creative communities around the world as we move through the pandemic.

The content is always relevant to our business, and Trend Bible bring new and intriguing topics to our attention that we would otherwise have overlooked.


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