Exploring Emotion During Lockdown Family Life

Written by Lauren Zayya

21 May 2020

The pandemic has brought about profound changes in our everyday family life. As a result, we are seeing trends that we forecast for 2021/22 accelerate at pace. In our April edition of our Baby & Kid’s Edit, we identified three macro trends that have been fast-tracked – The Healthy Home, Exploring Emotion and Future Now – and discussed what this would mean for family life at home now and in the future. Members of our Edit subscription can access the full Edition here on our online Hub.

Exploring Emotion

Image: The Middle Daughter

A trend originally forecast for 2021, Exploring Emotion is showing clear signs of acceleration as children experience emotional upheaval in the face of the outbreak. Back in 2019, we were tracking the serious impact that 24 hour news culture, exposure to social media, gaming addiction and hype culture was having on childhood mental health. Becoming a society-wide concern, we forecast that children would be increasingly encouraged to reflect and explore their emotions, speak out about how they are feeling, find creative outlets to express themselves and embrace meditative practices.

Images clockwise left to right: MiniLondoners, Jaime Amor Cosmic Kids Yoga

Monitoring the pace of adoption

With restrictions in place and everyday routines being disrupted, many children across the world are feeling unsettled and frustrated right now. In response we are seeing parents actively seeking out tools to support. Cosmic Kids, the Number One Kids yoga app has experienced a spike in viewership in recent months, as families practice yoga together at home. In turn, CBeebies have fast-tracked their new mindfulness game, Mindful Garden and Moshi have secured funding to expand their offering to bring mindfulness and meditative techniques to children.

In the coming months, supporting children to process and regulate their emotional responses is essential to care for their mental health. Looking beyond the pandemic, we expect these practices to continue and represent a lucrative opportunity for brands and businesses in helping prepare the next generation for life’s curveballs and future challenges.

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