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23 May 2018

Trend Bible

It’s important for brands to be aware of global trends, but critical to know how they apply to a local market.

One of the main questions we get asked by our US clients is ‘how will my customer respond to this trend?’

When we’re predicting trends for clients, we apply a local market lens to our global forecasts, because how people will live at home in the future is heavily influenced by local social and cultural nuances. These nuances can have accelerating and decelerating factors that skew how a trend is adopted in any given geography.

For the US, in particular, there are many things we take into account. We understand that the US is not one mass market but includes diversity of income, ethnicity, culture, family dynamics and even type of home. Trends emerging in New York may not be representative or relevant to other parts of the US. From East Coast to West Coast, brownstone homes to craftsman bungalows and city lofts, we’re looking for both the similarities and the differences in how people will be living in the future. This helps us determine the pace at which a trend will be adopted to ensure our recommendations are timely, commercial and completely resonate with the end consumer.

Taking a view on what’s going on for householders in towns and cities outside of the usual ‘trend-led’ hotspots like New York and LA, is key to our strategy for predicting truly commercial trends for our US clients.

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