Free To Be Me 2019 | Why Brands Need to Bridge the Gender Divide

Written by trendbible

4 January 2018

Women’s March Photography by Stacy Harsher, Don’t Bottle It Up Campaign, Women’s March  

2017 was the birth of Feminism 2.0, an exhilarating movement that challenged existing gender roles and gave them new meaning. We witnessed worldwide protests such as the ‘Women’s marches’ and ‘March of the Mummies’ as well as new role models from celebrities to royalty campaigning to change the view on Modern Masculinity.

This has fuelled many parents, particularly Millennial parents, to question the political and ethical environment they are raising their children in. Whilst small changes appear hopeful in the adult world, there is a frustration amongst some prominent parent groups that brands and retailers aren’t reflecting these modern beliefs quickly enough to really benefit children.

When it comes to gender stereotyping, the role brands play in shaping future generations has particular importance. With many forward thinking startups using a gender neutral stance to engage the modern parent, large corporate brands run the risk of being sidelined.

Free To Be Me 2019 

Our Free To Be Me 2019 report is not an attempt to ban pink and blue, instead it is about reconsidering the language and stigma that sits alongside these cultural signifiers. To help become a more open minded and inclusive society, brands and retailers have a responsibility to remove confusion and educate parents of the damaging effects of stereotyping in later life. Living in a digital world, it has never been easier to voice an opinion, therefore there is a significant opportunity for brands to contribute and voice theirs. As social currency becomes equally as important as sales, there is an increased focus for brands and retailers to look beyond selling, and promote a culturally diverse society, standing up for what they believe in.

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