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4 February 2020

A shift towards creating a more positive, peaceful and productive lifestyle connects the 4 Home & Interior trends for Spring Summer 2020. Consumers begin to think of their home as a sanctuary for rejuvenation, and a centre for creativity and self-expression. A focus on inner peace and calm inspires Meaningful Life, whilst a focus on artistic individuality and identity inspires Italian Suite.

Here we share 2 of the 4 trends forecast for the season, Meaningful Life and Italian Suite. Our full Spring Summer 2020 Seasonal Preview featuring all 4 trends is available to download for free from the sidebar. These trends for the Home & Interiors market were first forecast and published back in 2018 and you can expect to see them emerge in stores over the coming months.

Meaningful Life

Busy lives mean the home becomes a place of calm to facilitate and regain balance. A focus on Japanese culture provides the inspiration for living a life of meaning and introspection. Wellbeing and awareness are at the centre of this balanced story, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese interiors. This trend offers an easy update for Scandi style homes.

Contrasting cobalt blue and pale mint green provide fresh accents. Soft and soothing nuances combined with contrasting notes like Ebony or Rubber can be used in harmonious colour combinations throughout the home. Moonlight Jade and Cornflower Blue add a fresh feel to this deeply calming story.


In the quest for a more sustainable way of life, Wabi-sabi (the joy in the transient and imperfect) continues to be of importance. Opt for materials like seaweed, algae and mycel to replace plastic in furniture, lighting and packaging design. Repaired effects adorn ceramics, decorative accessories and textiles, offering a cherished feel to homeware. The idea of ceremony, repetition, methodical activities and self-care is celebrated through products which provide careful consideration and slow processes.

Italian Suite

After a decade of minimalism, householders crave a more heavily decorated approach to colour and décor in the home. Looking for the perfect picture to share online, these consumers decorate with extravagance and seek to create a home full of character and identity. This story takes us on an indulgent trip to one of Europe’s most intriguing cultural landscapes. Italian luxe coastal towns set the scene for this story. Bursting with colour and pattern, art and kitsch are combined nonchalantly.

This trend allows for a variety of vivid and strong colour combinations. The palette is rich and sun drenched. Crisp white enhances a juicy palette of rich jewel tones and citrus shades for a joyful summer story. For an elegant touch, off-white tints and peachy pinks soften this playful palette.

Products and accessories are adorned with decorative line work paying homage to artists like Matisse and Picasso. Mixing and matching is essential to this lively summer trend. Bold pattern clash appeals to a self-confident consumer who is interested in expressing personality and creating a joyful atmosphere. Contemporary lobster motifs and citrus fruits inspire gift and greeting, print design and accessories.

Download your free seasonal preview from the sidebar to the right of this post and follow our TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn pages to see how all four Spring Summer 2020 trends emerge in store. Our trend books are seen as an essential tool by some of the world’s best brands and retailers, helping them make sound decisions about how to respond to future change. 

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