Home Trends: Spring Summer 2017 Seasonal Preview

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13 January 2017


Our Seasonal Previews provide an insight into the trends you can expect to see emerge in stores over the coming months. Our Home & Interior Trends for Spring Summer 2017 were first forecast and published over two years ago.

Here we share a preview of 2 of 4 trends forecast for the season, Activate and Tribal Gathering.



This story is all about creating a smart home without compromising on style and homeliness. Decor integrates smart equipment and harmoniously blends digital technology into our homes to the point of invisibility.


actvate key items

Familiar, comforting fabrics like soft cotton and felt stop this clean look from alienating householders. The gentle pastel palette adds a calmness to this performance-driven story, preventing it from becoming too clinical or function orientated.

Tribal Gathering


This trend builds on a consumer desire to rediscover our basic human instincts. Taking inspiration from primitive tribal cultures all over the world, the importance of health and happiness is redefined as we reassess our current lifestyles.

tribal key details

Earthy textures and rustic surfaces appear hand-crafted and decorated with tribal markings. Green succulents, cacti and materials like bamboo and raffia introduce a natural contrast to graphic tribal patterns. A refreshing yet earthy palette with pastel accents captures a laid-back summer mood in the home.

Download your free seasonal preview from the sidebar and follow our TwitterInstagram and Pinterest pages to see how all four Spring Summer 2017 trends emerge in stores. 

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