Home Trends: What To Watch Out For In 2011

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24 December 2010

We’ve got a tonne of home interior trend forecasts out there in the press at the moment like the January 2011 edition of Living Etc below, but we wanted to share the main themes with you here so that you can tick them off your list…as usual every man and his dog is producing a forecast for the year ahead, but we’ve pulled together a little list of links we think will interest you below. You will be the most knowledegable person in the world after reading this!

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There’s a cleaner, slicker aesthetic coming in to play in 2011 and it’s set to develop through 2012 too- it’s the antithesis of all things cosy, familiar and vintage and is all about a fresh start following the recession and the green shoots of a new decade. Watch out for zig-zags, chevrons, clean stripes and grids as design motifs and inspiration for repeat prints. Watch out for 1970s style prints popping up in this story. We covered this trend in our Libertine trend for Spring Summer 2011. The cosy, familiar theme is still in play by the way- thanks to the recession, nostalgia still sells! It’s just a case of making it still look fresh…

Made By Hand

We have tracked this trend which began in the food industry 3 years ago (locally sourced produce, home-made , hand-reared, home grown) and have seen it filter into fashion and interiors. We’d go as far to say that the new luxury is crafted goods, where personalised made-for-me items have a new value. We’ve covered this theme in our Epicurean trend in our Home Trends Spring Summer 2011 book.

Colour Clash

Strong colours have been on trend through 2010, but the difference with colour palettes in 2011 is that it’s all about the colour clash. Consumers are way more confident with using colour and pattern in the home – just look at the recent boom in wallpaper sales to see how confident we are with bold pattern statements – so watch out for pink and orange combos, pink with red and turquoise with yellow.

Other Trend Reports

There is an abundance of trend information out there for 2011, here are a couple of links we found interesting:

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Click here for an interesting article on Futurology (we so hate that word by the way)

Easy to digest, visually inspiring, and just the right dose of information.

Webb deVlam

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