How to Know a Trend is Right for Your Brand

Written by trendbible

5 November 2015

Brand DNA2
One of the main concerns new clients come to us with, is knowing which trends to act on and when. With such easy access to an overwhelming amount of ‘trend information’, how do you know what to respond to, and more crucially: how to do it in a way that is right for your brand? At Trend Bible we believe in a careful and considered approach to trend. We advise the brands we work with not to follow a trend just because it’s current.

Our tools and processes are carefully designed to help immerse ourselves in to the world of our clients – understanding their brand, customer, vision and limitations. This helps us to first identify if a customer should be paying attention to a particular trend, and secondly how to do it in a way that feels right for them and their customer.

Here we share 3 key factors you should consider when responding to trends. 

Brand right
Brand DNA©

When considering if a trend is right for you, one of the first steps is to recognise and understand your brand’s handwriting. We work with clients to explore how the essence of their brand is communicated through the look and feel of their products. This entails identifying the key design characteristics that make up their ‘Aesthetic DNA©’. Once these characteristics have been collectively recognised by a team, it’s a lot easier to remain authentic to the brand when tapping into new trends. Designers are provided with a clear guide on what is and isn’t appropriate for the brand, allowing you to remain current and relevant while driving distinction. 

Know Your Customer
A common misconception we often come across is that to tap into something new, you must be appealing to the trend-setting ‘Maven’. It’s crucial to understand how influence spreads – from the highly creative consumer or ‘Maven’, who is first to tap into a new idea, all the way through to the mass market. The brands that we work with may want to lead, but they also want to have commercial success. Introducing an idea too soon, or too late, could mean missing out on your customer at the point when they are ready to tap in to that trend.

We continually track and monitor the emergence of trends. This allows us to forecast trends which are absolutely right for our clients’ target market, up to 2 years ahead of the season.  This allows them to create fresh ranges that their customers are ready for.

Brand DNA3

Trend vs. Fad: Know the Difference
Seasonal design trends for the Home & Interiors market are driven by broader cultural shifts or ‘macro trends’. As a result, the pace of change is much slower, resulting in longer lasting trends for the home that adapt and evolve seasonally. A fad is ‘here today, gone tomorrow’; it can arise rapidly, have global reach, then vanish just as fast. When buying for the home, consumers search for items with longevity and versatility. Acknowledging the latest craze can have its benefits, as it may let your customer know that your brand is current and up-to-date, but can be extremely hard to predict and respond to.

Consider your customer and brand, and get the balance right. Do you want to try and be on top of every fad of the moment, or take your customer on a journey season upon season?

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