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There are a number of specific factors that drive change for the gift and greetings industry.  Our deep understanding of the future of gifting, gift consumption and celebration underpins much of our forecasting work for the sector.

Our clients include global brands headquartered in the US and UK. We work with the whole supply chain in gift and greetings, from manufacturers to retailers. 

At a Macro level, we predict what’s next in the world of celebration looking for ‘weak signals’ that may signify new rituals, ceremonies, parties and commemorations.

We then analyse how this will impact on product design, motif, illustration, message, sentiment, typography, graphics, colour, material and finish 12-24 months ahead of the season.

What's Happening: Gift & Greetings

We were impressed with the quality of the individual coaching. Not obtrusive or interfering, but genuinely steering the team to target objective.

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