Key Marketing Messages for 2017

20 April 2017

Trend Bible Future Insight Report Life at Home 2017

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to aid business growth, increase brand awareness and gain customer engagement. However, achieving the ability to stand out and differentiate yourself from competitors demands a high level of creativity and consumer insight.

To achieve success, understanding the future concerns of your customer is key. Those that are responding to trends are able to develop innovative concepts that not only set them apart, but also allow them to produce content their customers will engage with. This ultimately strengthens the relationship between brand and consumer.

First forecast over two years ago in our 2017 Future Insight Reports, we reveal three of the most important marketing messages you should be communicating throughout 2017.

Honesty and Transparency

Fuelled by a distrust in big global brands, people are becoming tired of simply being thought of as consumers and are seeking a more natural, reciprocal relationship in 2017. With this in mind, honesty and transparency are incredibly important and brands must consider the need to become more ‘human’. Allowing the consumer to experience ‘behind the scenes’ of the brand is key to gaining their trust.


Through boundless imagination and a positive, can-do attitude, things which might otherwise be viewed as limitations are transformed into possibilities. Through a child’s eyes, what might once have been considered a disadvantage becomes a superpower. Marketing messages for 2017, must challenge stereotypes and teach children and adults to live their lives without restriction.

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Unfiltered Parenting 

In a world where family life is portrayed through the edited lens of Instagram, it is no surprise that many parents are exhausted by unobtainable standards they feel they must reach. As the strive for perfection becomes recognised as a destructive philosophy a new mindset is emerging allowing adults, particularly parents, to embrace imperfections and mistakes. For marketers in 2017 it is important to communicate a realistic portrayal of family life, flaws and all, and use real families to resonate with parents.

In order to develop timely and relevant marketing campaigns and achieve commercial success throughout 2017, we expect more brands to respond to these key marketing messages.

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