Kid’s Trends: Autumn Winter 2016/17 Seasonal Preview

Written by trendbible

12 September 2016

As specialists in the baby and kids market, we believe children respond to their own set of influences, and we collect data from the worlds of education and parenting, looking at government policy, the art of play, childhood development, health, nourishment and future technology. This extensive knowledge helps to direct the four trends we forecast for each season in our unique Kids Lifestyle trend books.

Our Seasonal Previews provide an insight into the trends you can expect to see emerge in stores over the coming months. These trends were first published 2 years ago in our Autumn Winter 2016/17 Kids Lifestyle Trend Book. Here we share a preview of 2 of 4 trends forecast for the season, Solar Science and Arctic Frost.

Solar Science 

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The exciting world of space and space travel provides the inspiration for this retro-science story. The moon, stars and phenomena like lunar eclipses captivate and educate children about the world of physics and science. Scientific diagrams and geometry charts are combined with vintage 1950’s graphics and posters about space exploration to give this trend a familiar, retro feel.

Trend Bible 42

Moon surfaces inspire textured textiles and photographic prints on melamine and plastics and moon phases become educational wall art and graphics. Ombre and graduated colour effects are key for this trend. Use these as background patterns for stationery or graphic prints or as subtle decoration on product and furniture.

Arctic Frost

Trend Bible 4

Set in the stark beauty of the polar landscapes, this story focuses on learning more about life in the Arctic Circle. Wrapping up warm and learning about extreme survival introduces frozen landscapes, ice fishing and Inuit culture into children’s stories and products.

Activities such as ice skating, husky sledging and igloo building inform children’s play environments and products. Soft mark knits and plush faux fur add warmth and texture to contrast with smooth, glossy surfaces that mimic solid ice.

Trend Bible 43

Feeding products are subtly faceted for highly tactile surface qualities and polar scenes and animal prints look fragmented and digitised, mimicking the appearance of broke ice and crystals. Polar bears and penguins are two key characters for this trend whilst other animals like foxes, huskies and woolly mammoths complete the united polar family.

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Trend Bible have helped an experienced marketing team to think about our brand, the market and the future in a completely different way. The results have been positive and tangible. Their input is challenging, fresh but critically also practical.

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