Meet the experts – Richard Baskerville, Studio Manager at Material Lab

Written by Rebekah Hutchinson

2 April 2019

Image Credits: Material Lab, Richard Baskerville, Trend Bible

At Trend Bible, we are constantly researching new material innovations, visiting trade shows and speaking to industry specialists within this field to evidence emerging trends that will impact and inspire products and life within the home. This month, Trend Researcher, Rebekah Hutchinson, travelled to London and had the pleasure of meeting with Material Lab’s Studio Manager, Richard Baskerville. Richard has over 5 years experience working at Material lab, a design resource studio and material library.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and Material Lab?

I have a long standing passion for interior design and architecture and at Material Lab we strive to educate and inspire the design community with new innovate materials that truly make a difference. I enjoy working with architects and designers to help them achieve the perfect project and Material Lab acts as the vessel for this material discovery. Collaborating with new designers and main stream manufacturers we constantly seek out a plethora of new materials to excite and inspire.

Image Credits: Trend Bible

What inspires you? Where do you seek inspiration?

I seek inspiration from everything and everyone as you never know where it’s going to come from. Collaborating with emerging designers and universities across all fields of design is a great source of inspiration but it’s all about living in the material world and constantly being on the lookout.

What key designers will be influencing material trends for the home?

Designers have recently been looking to nature and we are starting to see this replicated in the home. Whether it be biophilia, sustainability, natural hues, or unfinished surfaces there has been an influx of everything natural. In a world where mass produced perfection and the artificial have become the norm in city life, this backlash focuses on the organic, natural and individual.

Image Credits: Trend Bible, Pinatex, Stone Cycling, Granorte & Alusid

Sustainability has become a huge topic of conversation due to the impact of excess waste on the environment and plastic in our oceans. What are your observations on how designers and brands are reacting to this?

Although sustainability has been on the radar for years, it is coming even more to the forefront of design. Media coverage has definitely helped people to wake up to our environmental impact and that has forced brands and organisations to fall into line to retain their PR credibility. The design world is undoubtedly moving in the right direction and manufacturers are reacting to this with an increasing emphasis on sustainable products.

Having had years of experience working with materials and supporting the design community, what tip or advice would you give to continuously develop your skills and knowledge?

Keep an open mind and look for inspiration in all corners of your life.

Image Credits: Material Lab, Trend Bible

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