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Written by Lauren Zayya

8 April 2020

The pandemic outbreak has brought about a profound change in daily family life. As a direct consequence, we are seeing new behaviours emerge and trends that we forecast for 2021/22 accelerate at pace.

In our latest edition, from our Baby & Kids Edit, we hone in on three macro trends that have been fast-tracked as a result of the outbreak and uncover what this means for family life at home now and in the future, post-pandemic. Members of our Edit subscription can access the full Edition here on our online Hub.

What’s Driving Behaviour?

To ensure you remain relevant and continue to resonate during this period of uncertainty, it is imperative to first understand what’s motivating consumers. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (1943) is a framework that enables you to map where your proposition sits in delivering on your customer’s underlying needs and how your customers might level up and down as the pandemic unfolds.

In a pandemic, we feel vulnerable as our basic needs come under threat. We lose a sense of order, predictability and control from our lives as our health, livelihoods and emotional security are put at risk. Faced with a lockdown that is expected to continue for months, our psychological needs also feel threatened as physical freedoms and in-person social interaction is taken away. And what might be perceived as an opportunity – having more time to see to higher level needs – becomes a pressure for others in these circumstances, the challenges that come with homeschooling being a prime example.

The Healthy Home

Images clockwise left to right: Lexon Oblio, Frank Chou, Brizi

The Healthy Home is a trend that aligns with our basic needs as safety and security become paramount for parents. Originally expected to hit the mass market in 2021, The Healthy Home is a trend that is significantly accelerating as sheltering in place becomes an immediate and in many cases mandatory requirement for families. Stemming from parental concerns around what is and is not safe for children, we now expect these concerns to heighten as a result of the pandemic and come to encompass everything we put in, on and around our children.

In the coming months, the home will become the protective bubble as parents focus on creating the safest, healthiest and cleanest home for their families. Looking beyond the pandemic, longer lasting concerns will centre around immunity, air pollution, transmission of germs and building healthy social connections. For brands and manufacturers, these will become key opportunity areas and should act as a start-point for innovation.

Stay Resilient, Stay Relevant

Map your proposition on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Framework; where does your proposition sit currently? In what ways are you delivering on your customer’s needs? Where are the gaps? With trust at an all time low, brands will need to unearth the real needs of their customers to understand their specific concerns and communicate clearly on how they are positioned to help.

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