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Interpreting trends and making them right for each market, each brand and each demographic is the future of trend forecasting. Insight, while it is useful in itself, is really only commercial dynamite when tailored to a specific company.

While we have a tried and tested bundle of services, all of our proposals and suggestions are unique to each client’s needs.

Home is at the heart of everything we do. Because we centre all of our efforts on the home, we develop in-depth insight into how householders engage with technology, food, healthcare products and their environment. How people live and what they use becomes the foundation for our projections of up to five years.

We have a deep understanding of family life, for adults and children, and how the home will have to perform to meet their future needs. We regularly research and predict the future of parenting, the role of grandparents and the broader family network. We work with brands on everything from the future attitudinal shifts in parents of first-born babies, to the consumer behaviour of teens.

Whilst we look at a broad range of industries to track and monitor innovation, we don’t believe it makes much sense to try and forecast trends for everyone. We’re experts in our field, and providing this specialist service makes our experience very rich. We dedicate our whole team, all of the time, to scrutinising and understanding the home environment and how this will evolve.

Our bespoke consultancy services are built on a series of unique, tried and tested methodologies. To find out How Influence Spreads or to project The Long View for your business, simply drop us a line.

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