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There are hundreds of trends out there at any given time. How do you know which ones are right for your brand?

We believe design trends are a result of a specific set of influences. There are certain things that influence design trends in Pet, for example, that would not work for Decorative Accessories. This sounds obvious, but many brands and retailers fall into the trap of taking a trend and applying it across all their product ranges. 

A blanket approach to trends is never wise and won’t help you craft a distinct, ownable look. Our consultancy service allows us to craft design trends that are completely bespoke and reflect specific consumer or householder lifestyle trends. We wouldn’t dream of telling a kitchen appliance manufacturer what trends to follow without understanding the future kitchen environment those appliances would inhabit. 


What‘s Happening

Trend Bible have helped an experienced marketing team to think about our brand, the market and the future in a completely different way. The results have been positive and tangible. Their input is challenging, fresh but critically also practical.

Sherwin Williams

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