Our seasonal eBooks are published, alongside our physical books, twice a year predicting trends two years ahead. They contain all of the valuable information featured in our printed Trend Books, but in a digital format.

Download and use on your desktop or tablet. Perfect for sharing with your team or using on the go.

  • Four seasonal trends, detailing application across textiles, print, product, materials and scent
  • Micro themes in each story help you maximise the lifespan of each trend
  • Our seasonal colour planner helps you select the right seasonal shades
  • Hundreds of images to inspire product ranges, colour palettes and marketing messages
  • Beautiful, commercial colour palettes with PANTONE® references

Our Spring/Summer books are published in July and our Autumn/Winter books are published in December.

Our eBooks

Trend Bible have helped an experienced marketing team to think about our brand, the market and the future in a completely different way. The results have been positive and tangible. Their input is challenging, fresh but critically also practical.

Sherwin Williams

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