Rethinking Pink

Written by trendbible

13 October 2017

From Left to Right: PANTONE, Thinx, Acne, Dulux 

As specialists in forecasting for the Home and Interiors market, we continually monitor and track the use of colour within the home. Over the past two years, pink has dramatically grown in importance as a key colour for homeware.

With Rose Quartz named PANTONE 2016 colour of the year, the term ‘Millennial Pink’ has gained mass media coverage. More recently, Dulux announced Heart Wood as their colour of the year for 2018. Here we take a look at why the colour pink is continuing to be important.

Pink is Power

From Left to Right: Sketch London, Glossier 

Love it or loathe it, the term ‘Millennial Pink’ has definitely grabbed headlines over the past year, with some describing it as the colour of the generation. Millennial Pink (whilst not pinned to a specific shade) has become the brand colour for an entire demographic carrying connotations of empowerment, strength, feminism and modern androgyny.

Once specifically a feminine shade, this now genderless colour has become a firm favourite across fashion, lifestyle and home interiors, used by directional brands such as, ‘Thinx’ and ‘Glossier’.

The New Neutral

Roomin, H&M Home 

For interiors in 2017, pink has transitioned from a statement shade to more of a neutral colour, making it easy to incorporate into textiles and accessories in the home. Trend Bible’s Senior Trend Strategist, Naomi Shedden explains, “Dusty and clay-pink shades are much more subtle than the sugary pastel shades of previous seasons, making them appropriate for a broad range of products. Moving forward we will begin to see designers incorporating pinks as a coordinate shade in more complex palettes.”

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