The Future of Home Appliances

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1 February 2017

Population growth, increased living costs and migration to densely populated towns and cities, has resulted in the development of compact homes. With this in mind, minimal storage has become part of modern day living for a large percentage of today’s consumers.

For many, hiding away home appliances that on average spend more time idle than they do in use, is not always a possibility. Consequently the look of these appliances has become equally as important as the practicality. Responding to this need, we take a look at some of the innovative brands and designers who are successfully finding the balance between functionality and style.

Sweeplus %22Color Pencil' VacuumSweeplus CT-AC55 “Color Pencil” by CCP CO Ltd

Although the vacuum is a device which has advanced functionally, it has been slow to evolve from its conventional industrial and utilitarian aesthetic. Designed by TAKT PROJECT for the Japanese brand CCP CO Ltd, the Sweeplus ‘Color Pencil’ is a cyclone stick vacuum cleaner. Defying conventional bulky and masculine designs, it’s compact, minimal look and fun vibrant colours allow it to fit stylishly into the home. Lightweight, compact and powerful, the Color Pencil doesn’t compromise on practicality, keeping up with modern day consumers.

KettlesFrom left to right: Miito by Chudy/Chase, Stagg EKG by Fellow, Emma by Stelton

Driven by an ambition to change the efficiency and aesthetic of the traditional kettle, design duo Nils Chudy and Jasmine Grace created Miito. Quickly picked up by the media and consumers alike, the innovative design uses induction technology to create an efficient and stylish product. The induction base becomes a platform upon which the vessel of your choice is the centrepiece to your brewing routine. Visually light and minimal in form, this product is a stand out product in a category known for its ‘sameness’. Miito launches in the summer of 2017 after raising $818,918 from their Kickstarter campaign.

“If you Google ‘electric kettle’ you get a copy of the same electric kettle all over again…They all look streamlined, like a high speed train, or like a rendering in plastic. They’re all the same.” – Nils Chudy, co founder of Chudy/Grace studio, creators of Miito.

Stagg EKG by Fellow and Emma by Stelton are great examples of how the traditional kettle can be updated. Using material, colour and subtle changes in form, these brands have achieved a modern aesthetic consumers will love to display. However it is not all form over function, as the Stagg EKG is packed with up-to-date features; variable temperature control, a counterbalanced handle, real time LCD temperature display and a 30 minute temperature hold switch making this product perfect for the modern home.

“With Stagg EKG, we were able to meld handsome design and barista-level functionality in one.” – Jake Miller, founder and CEO of Fellow.

2 in 1 Ironing Board MirrorMadame Est Servie by Aissa Logeort 

This 2 in 1 ironing board and mirror by Aissa Logerot of AC/AL is a great example how two products can merge to improve function and style. Named ‘Madame Est Servie’ the product can quickly switch from being a floor standing mirror to a full-length ironing board. Featuring a secure and stable structure, this product is great for a small home owner looking to save some space. Aissa Logerot has created a product that consumers would look for in all ‘Home Essentials’ ranges.

“This object is a link between two consecutive actions: iron clothes and dress up,” – Aissa Logerot co founder of AC/AL

For designers, finding the balance between functionality and style is extremely important when it comes to household appliances. It is no longer about how much a product will stand out on shelf but how stylish it will look on the counter top.

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