Future Insight Report | Home + Interiors: Cramped Living 2019

Due to a space and housing shortage, new homes in Europe are being built much smaller whilst in the USA a ‘tiny home movement’ is much more of a lifestyle choice. As population density increases in cities globally over the coming decade, we see a trade-off between space and location, where an increasing amount of people are prepared to scrimp on space to live in more convenient, accessible places.

There are lots of reports out there on smaller homes from an architectural perspective, or that focus on luxurious couples living, but what are the issues for real families when living in smaller spaces? Cramped Living 2019, focuses on the detail of small living, outlining the challenges families face when living in smaller homes, to identify opportunities for brands to tap into emerging needs and ultimately help homeowners live well within small, shared spaces.

Understanding what will influence trends and steer householder behaviour is essential in creating commercially successful product ranges, ad campaigns and marketing strategies for products used or consumed in and around the home.

In this report you’ll find out what’s driving change for householders, what motivates them, shapes their taste and how they want to spend their time and money. You’ll also gain insight into what’s happening at home, how technology and innovation are impacting home life and what’s crossing over from commercial environments like restaurants, hotels and offices. Understand what householders will think, feel and do in the future.

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The content is always relevant to our business, and Trend Bible bring new and intriguing topics to our attention that we would otherwise have overlooked.


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