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16 October 2017

Lucy Jessica Carter

Social media is throwing a spotlight on the home, resulting in it being a place you go when you’re not doing anything to a dynamic space for socialising both on- and offline. Rooms and activities that were once private and personal are now regularly exposed for a network of followers to ‘like’ and see.

With this in mind activities such as household cleaning and decluttering have shifted from an everyday chore to an activity shared with millions online. Popular amongst ‘Lifestyle Vloggers’ we have evidenced over three million ‘Speed Cleaning’ videos on YouTube to date. Other trending cleaning content also featured on YouTube is ‘The Cleaning Power Hour’ and the ‘Dirty 30’ cleaning checklist.

Kate La Vie, Meraki 

As many online influencers stretch their content across fashion, beauty, travel and home, there is an opportunity for FMCG brands to cater to this more style conscious consumer. Thinking beyond the cleaning product, consider how to embody an entire lifestyle consumers want to be a part of. When it comes to household care, many consumers are seeking a stylish product that sits beautifully on a shelf, contains environmentally sensitve, high quality ingredients and works effectively.

To see some of the FMCG brands already tapping into this style conscious lifestyle sector read part one and two of our Rethinking Household Essentials series.

In our Generation YouTube Report, we explained how YouTube vloggers have become some of the most influential marketers over the past few years. Click here to find out more.

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