The Future of Celebration Pt.3: Social Media & the Greetings Card Industry

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14 October 2016

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Throughout our ‘Future of Celebration’ series we’ve explored what’s next for celebration and what this means for the industry in the upcoming years. In part one we discussed how the internet’s instantaneous approach has transformed the way we celebrate and in part two we explored the rise of DIY celebrations. In this third and final instalment, we focus specifically on the greetings card industry, explaining how social media is influencing everything from the type of occasion to design and tone of voice.

Many argued that social media would eventually lead to the demise of the greetings industry however the desire for printed cards remains strong. Social media has in fact had a considerable influence creatively as we see more greetings cards opting for a lighthearted, casual approach. Moving away from long traditional editorial, we are instead evidencing playful messaging often referencing internet slang. Informal and straight to the point, these greetings cards are often left blank inside for the customer to write their own message.

Thinking of You 2Moonpig

We previously discussed how our ‘instant share culture’ is encouraging individuals to celebrate anything, any day, any time leading to a rise in ‘just because’ greetings cards and less traditional celebrations. This year we saw Moonpig back ‘Thinking of You‘ week on their social media channels, inspiring customers to share spontaneous gestures throughout the week, whether that be a phone call to a friend you hadn’t seen in a while or posting a card to a loved one. Made an ‘unofficial’ occasion by the Greetings Card Association in 2013, ‘Thinking of You’ week inspires people to create a wave of love, caring and happiness by sending a card to a different person each day for seven days.

“Thinking of You’ week, isn’t about how much you spend, or how grand your gesture is, it is simply a time to send a quiet message to a loved one each day ‘just because’. That’s at least 7 people who you have made smile with the smallest of gestures. When there is no expectation, there is no disappointment, just surprise and appreciation.” Moonpig

It is this spontaneity and casualisation that is driving the future of celebration. No longer restricted to those ‘once a year’ traditions, we see more and more retailers offering ‘just because’ cards, allowing the consumer to create their own occasion and personalise their own message.

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