The Indoor Vacation

24 July 2017

The Joshua Tree Casita, California

Due to social media and an influx of travel bloggers, holidays and retreats that were once private and personal are now publicly exposed and documented for a network of followers to ‘like’ and see.  In response we are seeing social media fast replacing the traditional travel brochure.

When it comes to travel, many consumers want to build their own itineraries and create adventures which feel local and authentic. In a 2016 Airbnb study, 8 out of 10 Millennials said the best way to learn about a place is to live like the locals do, meaning they’d rather stay in cool, local neighbourhoods even if they are far away from tourist attractions.

In this post we take a look at home rentals that bring culture indoors and explore some of the most ‘Instagram-worthy’ accommodation from around the world, explaining why it is important for those working in hotel design to respond to this movement.

Hideout, Bali

The ultimate form of escapism, the Eco Bamboo Home, otherwise known as the Hideout across social media, offers visitors an authentic Balinese experience from the inside out. Collaborating with SUKU home products, the Indonesian cabin offers bedding made from Bamboo Rayon that has been hand dyed with a traditional batik technique. A kitchen equipped with locally produced coffee, tea and spices also adds an authentic touch. With over 80,000 Instagram followers, this Airbnb captures the essence of a relaxing sanctum, offering nine musical instruments, along with books, art supplies and even a yoga mat to exhibit on social media.

A-Frame Haus, Utah

The ideal location for consumers looking to escape the pressures of everyday life, the A-Frame Haus based in the mountains of Heber City, Utah is perfect for those looking to document an off the grid retreat on their social media. Increasingly popular amongst family bloggers, this Airbnb rental has a pared back yet warming colour palette and rustic furnishings, providing a space for spending family time without compromising on a stylish aesthetic. With a wood-burning stove and a selection of cooking-come-coffee table books, the cabin is carefully considered for both a homely stay and its place on your Instagram feed.

Dome in the Desert, California

For those searching for an authentic travel experience to share on their social media channels, this accommodation offers interiors to match its location. Situated amongst the dusty sands of Joshua Tree in Southern California, the aptly named Dome in the Desert has been gathering a following of over 60,000 on Instagram. In addition to its raw, earthy surroundings, the home combines desert yellows and sandy woods with Aztec prints to give a tribal feel and the ultimate ‘golden state’ experience.

As consumers steer away from the package holiday and use social media as a tool to craft their perfect vacation, it is important for those working in the hotel industry to understand the importance of finding the balance between homeliness and style. Consider how you can capture the feel of authenticity to create the feeling of living local.

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