The Power of Sound | The New Demographic of Listeners

Written by Jenna Galley

13 June 2019


One in six Americans now own at least one form of voice activated technology. As children grow up with personal AI assistants and home devices, we expect voice-controlled toys and audio entertainment products to become part of our everyday lives.

Searches for audio storytellers grew 126% on Pinterest in 2018 and the number of children with access to a smart speaker increased by 63%. With the younger generation expected to be the quickest to adopt voice activated technology, it’s important for brands to innovate now to get ahead of the curve.

Audio’s natural strength in storytelling makes the format inherently appealing to children. It also offers a solution for parents who are increasingly looking for options to balance the amount of screen time their children access daily. For many parents, audio entertainment such as podcasts are a guilt-free alternative and a more engaging option over YouTube binging or hypnotising mobile games.

“Podcasts are referred to as a ‘slow medium,’ unlike rapidly edited TV, ultra-short YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter clickbait. People listen to podcasts in total peace and quiet, at times they choose to listen.” – Jocelyn De Kwant, Flow Magazine

Over the coming years, screen free entertainment will open up significant opportunities for the toy and entertainment industry. From enhancing the story time experience and assisting parents during everyday routines, to creating new ways for children to consume content in and outside of the home.

The move from digital screens to voice recognition opens up opportunities for integrated and seamless technology for children. It’s no longer digital versus physical, the blend of the two will be key to maximising family entertainment.

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