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20 January 2020

Trend Bible’s Colour Direction for 2021 outlines six shades chosen by our colour experts, and are based on our seasonal trend forecasts for 2021. These directional, yet commercially viable shades represent what we believe to be central to life at home. We have split them into two groups; for Home & Interiors and Baby & Kid’s Lifestyle, with three key colours for each.


Dusky Orchid, PANTONE 17-1610 TCX

Clockwise, Left to right: Sarah Colson, Studio RENS, Benjamin Guedj, Le Manoosh, Nolii, Myro, Philippe Nigro

For 2021, the quest for wellbeing through colour and design gains traction. More emphasis is placed on our home environments to decelerate our current pace of living. The lilac and pink shades of previous seasons make way for a deeper and richer interpretation that exudes comfort, evoking a sense of solace and calm.

Frosty Green, PANTONE 15-5706 TCX

Clockwise, Left to right: Nolii, Note, Leif, Nanimarquina, Myro, Joyce Wang, Peut-etre

With a general shift towards warmer nuances, warm greens permeate all palettes this year emphasising the growing concerns around sustainability of the material used in the products we buy. The rise in veganism and plant-based materials makes way for a soft neutral grey-green, evoking a desire for a healthy home and conscious consumerism. Paired with rich caramels and tans this muted shade creates a retro vibe. Use Jaffa Orange to add a nostalgic pop.

Palace Blue, PANTONE 18-4043 TCX

Clockwise, Left to right: Studio Pepe, Tom Dixon, Studio James Stickley, Fict Studio, Buzao, TIJS Glide

A new maximalist attitude is influencing colour direction for 2021 leading to more daring and bold choices. A new decade brings an appreciation for all things futuristic. Increasingly digital realms bleed into the physical world with new technological advancements impacting how we shape our environments. Hyper-real colour palettes put emphasis on electric blue shades which come through in experimental finishes from high gloss to matt metallics and ultra matt suedes.


Langoustino, PANTONE 16-1440 TCX

Clockwise, Left to right: Linnea Andersson, Tumbleweed and Poppies, Celia Jacobs, Lo and Behold Stitchery, Noble Carriage

In 2021 messaging focuses on living a slow and considered life. Sun-bleached, earthy shades such as Langoustino support a handcrafted aesthetic, drawing on tonal colour combinations to reflect a restorative and comforting mood.

Shale Green, PANTONE  16-6116 TCX

Clockwise, Left to right: Round Ground, Trend Bible, Trend Bible, Thomas Vailly, Yuki Nakabayashi, Eco Rascals

Natural dyes evoke a parental desire for the home and specifically the child’s environment to become even more environmentally friendly. The rise in veganism paves the way for a soft, misty shade of green; a colour that reflects a modesty and conscious consumption.

Easter Egg, PANTONE 16-3925 TCX

Clockwise, Left to right: Eloeil, Alex and Alexa, OLA, Hooligans Canvas Wanderlust

We see an increase in fantasy and escapist themes for children within the Baby & Kids market, sparked by a desire for creativity and endless play. Ice cream colour palettes combining powder coated metals in chalky purples and blues or mirrored pastel substrates create playful optical illusions.

Selecting Colour Through a Global Lens

These colours have been selected for their versatility and suitability on a global scale. All six key colours work well in both sunlit and shady conditions, appealing to homeowners in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Depending on the orientation of the natural light source, each of the hues will display a variegated tone throughout the day. Each hue can be used in varying quantities in interior design projects, whether that be wall to wall colour, or simply as an accent colour for soft furnishings, home décor, furniture, print and pattern.

Harmonious Colour Combinations for the Home

No colour works in total solitude within the home. These six colours have been carefully selected to work in harmony with various coordinate colours, from neutral to bold across Spring Summer and Autumn Winter palettes. With an inclusive appeal in mind, both palettes embrace warm and cool nuances.

As Baby & Kid’s Lifestyle continues to be more and more entwined with Home & Interior trends, our colour experts have chosen hues that can easily be incorporated into the wider home. Blending both palettes makes for striking combinations.

Bespoke Colour Consultancy

Dedicated to the future of life at home, our trend forecasters and design consultants have extensive knowledge on how colours evolve and the impact on interior and product design. To understand more about how we can help you choose the right colours, materials and finishes for your audience, get in touch at 

Our 2021 Colour Direction features colours selected from our Home & Interiors and Baby & Kids Lifestyle seasonal trend books. Be the first to receive more in-depth seasonal guidance throughout the year on Trend Bible Colour Direction 2021 by signing up to our exclusive monthly Trend Updates.

The PANTONE® Reference names and/or numbers are from the PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS color system (a component of the PANTONE Textile Color System®).  The colors shown here are digital simulations, which may not match the PANTONE Color Standards.  For accurate PANTONE Color Standards, refer to the current edition of the PANTONE® FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS cotton publications.  PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC.  Portions © Pantone LLC, 2020. Pantone’s trademarks and copyrights used with the permission of Pantone LLC under License Agreement with Trend Bible.

We send the bespoke trend reports out to different departments in our organisation from product development to digital and customer teams. The report acts as internal inspiration that everyone can read and get something from. The feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive.


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