Trend Bible Selects | New Designers Part 2

27 July 2017

New Designers is the UK’s most important event for emerging design and continues to be a highly respected and successful platform for bringing new design talent and commerce together.

Following our Trend Bible Selects: New Designers Part 1 post, we share our coverage of Part 2, revealing a selection of the most innovative graduates exhibiting everything from furniture and product design to illustration and graphic design.

Joshua Day | Sheffield Hallam

Sustainability was a key theme at this year’s show, with a focus on recycled materials and air purity. An example of this was, Canary, an air quality service for the home designed by Joshua Day. The device uses smart technology and sensors to monitor the air environment and determine a suitable air purifier and filter combination, ensuring each customer has a product tailored to their individual needs. Inspired by the increase in property rental, products are rented rather than owned, encouraging an elongated lifespan through durability, repairability and ease of replacement.

Rowena Edwards | Building Craft College

Instagram: @rowenajaneedwards

Another highlight was the TRI Nursery Table by Rowena Edwards. The table addresses the growing functional needs in the home, supporting the space saving solutions identified within our 2019 Future Insight Report, Cramped Living. The multifunctional table is a series of three useful objects that work together as part of a furniture family. They are designed to be strong and standalone but can be fitted together when needed. The functions range from seats to storage and steps to tabletops. Visible elements such as the exposed plywood edge and soft orange linoleum generate a connection between the pieces even when they are apart.

Jisue Park | Kingston University

Instagram: @_jisupark 

The Hanger Rail System, by Jisue Park is designed to encourage users to display objects that they use on a daily basis. It aims to support a family’s needs as they change over time and includes a selection of tools that hang on the rail that have been chosen by observing and recording people’s movements and behaviour in the home. With a desire to create a more stylish hallway hanging system, the rail uses playful yet neutral colours and provides spaces for both smaller and larger belongings.

Lucy Cripps | Nottingham Trent

Instagram: @luladesign

Health and wellbeing remained a key driver at this year’s show. We spotted multiple pieces of work focusing on designs that reassured and aided mindfulness. ‘My Mind and I’ designed by Lucy Cripps from Nottingham Trent University, uses reassuring narratives to help children open up about their emotions in a fun, interactive format.

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