Trend Bible Team Away Day | With Our Trend Intern April Howie

Written by Justine Jackson

23 August 2018

Recently the Trend Bible team ventured out of the office for an away day, all kitted out with our rucksacks, raincoats and walking boots. We were looking forward to a fun filled day of eating, walking, talking and most of all celebrating Trend Bible’s success as a growing company.

 “We had such a phenomenal year last year and the business grew over 30% so I felt it was right to do something to celebrate. Day to day life is pretty busy and we don’t often get much time to down tools and do something together, so the opportunity to spend a full day out of the office was something everyone wanted.” Joanna Feeley, Founder and Managing Director of Trend Bible.

A Bit About Me

I myself am very lucky to be an Intern at Trend Bible and I thought the concept of a team away day was just brilliant. I have never done anything like this before at other placements.

It was the perfect opportunity for myself and the other interns to get to know the team better outside of the work environment – an invaluable experience for me, having recently moved to Newcastle for my six-month internship. It gave me a chance to bond with other team members that I perhaps wouldn’t normally have the pleasure of working with as much, finding out their passions and interests. Also, a great way for the team to get to know me better too.

Our Hike in Northumberland

We boarded the mini bus bright and early and headed to a lovely village called Corbridge. Here we enjoyed a tasty breakfast of croissants, toast, fresh orange and coffee for the team members who hadn’t quite woken up yet!

After breakfast, full and raring to go we visited a local interior and homeware shop called RE, a company that was born in rural Northumberland in 2003. The store was full of eclectic homeware collections that had us all in awe. Of course the Trend Bible team just had to make a few purchases! We loaded back on the bus and headed to our next destination Sycamore Gap along Hadrian’s Wall for our afternoon trek in the stunning countryside.

I hadn’t realised until recently how close Newcastle was to such beautiful scenery and gorgeous villages! Having grown up in the countryside I am a true country bumpkin and moving to a city for me was daunting. Having been at Trend Bible for over two months now I can honestly say I am still loving living in Newcastle. You are so close to gorgeous walks, and the coast makes living in a city so much easier. At weekends it’s quick to escape the busy city life for great days out.

Once we arrived at the start of the walk the weather was perfect, warm with a cool breeze. Just what we wanted. We made sure we had pit stops and fuelled up on snacks (the chocolate raisins and flapjacks did the rounds) and drinks to keep us going. We passed the tree at Sycamore Gap which was a location for the 1991 film ‘Robin Hood Prince of Thieves’. We carried on along Hadrian’s Wall through a small forest, however, not long after the heavens opened. We were, to say the least, absolutely and utterly drenched. We all looked at each other and started to laugh knowing just how soggy and wet we were going to be at the pub later on in the evening!

The end of the day was spent together eating much deserved yummy food and drinks, (drying our clothes under the dryer) and celebrating what it means to be a part of Trend Bible.

“We have been very purposefully developing the team culture in the past year, which might sound a bit artificial, but it’s been a fantastic opportunity to put it at the heart of the business and to engage the whole team in building a place we all want to work and are proud of.” Joanna Feeley, Founder and Managing Director of Trend Bible.

What I Love the Most

Life at Trend Bible is busy. Having a day for everyone to relax and have time out is just what everyone was craving. Trend Bible is continually growing and recently there has been some brilliant new additions to the team, that have launched into strong roles within the business.

The thing that I love the most about Trend Bible is the people. The team are unbelievably strong and connected no matter what roles they may be in. Being an Intern, you pick up on things that other team members may not notice. The one thing that I have noticed is that although everyone has their own role, everyone works as a team and you are never alone. Always willing to help, the team are so encouraging and supportive. The away day was a clear example of how close the team are. Whether it’s helping someone leap across a huge muddy puddle or making someone laugh even though their rucksack is full to the brim of water. The away day allowed everyone to relax, enjoy, create memories and share new experiences, making the team even stronger.

You can see more highlights of the day on our Instagram Stories. If you’re interested in a career at Trend Bible contact us at Or follow our Instagram hashtag #LifeatTrendBible to see what a day in the life of a Trend Bible team member looks like.


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