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29 August 2019

A no-waste attitude is driving an experimental approach to home interiors. With sustainability at the forefront of householder’s minds, composite and re-purposed materials become the hero of a modern maker movement.

Published 2 years ago in our Spring Summer 2019 Home & Interiors Lifestyle Trend Book, we can now evidence The Materialist in major UK and US stores. In this post, we explore how this trend has been interpreted in store.

The home has a workshop or studio feel, allowing us to showcase products. Stationery and decorative objects at Anthropologie use tonal harmonies and bold colour combinations of Lime Cream and Thistle. Urban Outfitters explore the soft pastels of this trend through washed out print across soft furnishings and bedding.

Melted effects adorn ceramics, decorative accessories and textiles as seen at Asda, with a more dramatic version of marble prints. Mineral and marble inspired prints can be found in store. Forever 21 utilise this marble print on kitchenware whilst Wilko introduce accents of violet for interesting pops of colour.

Product shape, prints and material surfaces are inspired by minerals in this key micro trend. Bedding and floor coverings feature overlapped, layered and decorative repeat prints as seen in Asda, Very and West Elm.

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Trend Bible have helped an experienced marketing team to think about our brand, the market and the future in a completely different way. The results have been positive and tangible. Their input is challenging, fresh but critically also practical.

Sherwin Williams

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