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20 December 2018


With the festive season well and truly upon us, we once again come to the point in the year where family time is celebrated. Published two years ago, our 2018 Festive Forecast trend Winter Games celebrates the Christmas quirks, traditions and emotions of modern family relationships. Whether it’s time spent sledging with grandparents, or games in the snow with a pet, the family unit is celebrated in every form.

This fun and playful trend captures a new carefree attitude, as the festive period provides the perfect break from the everyday grind. Winter activities such as snowball fights, sledging and ice skating encompass this ideal, encouraging children to grow their independence and allowing adults a welcomed nostalgia trip.

In this post, we explore and evidence how this trend has been interpreted by retailers across the UK and US.

This season the classic red and white Christmas colour combination is updated with bright green for a bold primary look or teamed with cool blue, deep teal and pink for a subtler colourway as seen at Anthropologie, American Greetings and Sainsbury’s.

A key motif for this story, round and fuzzy snowballs inspire both print and product direction. Strings of felt snowball garlands as seen at Habitat are strung around trees and hang from windows like falling snow. Confectionery mimics freshly rolled snowballs with powdery icing sugar coatings and fluffy, marshmallow centres as seen at Waitrose & Partners.

Illustrated winter games and days spent playing on the mountains are a key motif for greetings and wrap. Wrapped up in hats and scarves figure skaters and skiers comically wobbling down the mountain provide inspiration for conversational prints as seen at Sainsbury’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Paper Source.

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Overall a great day which involved getting everyone's thoughts, ideas and reservations down on paper. I am looking forward to seeing how this information will be overlaid with the vital trend insights we need to drive new product development and long-term business growth.

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