Celebration & Occasion 2022 Forecast

Understand what’s driving the consumer mood and how this will influence celebration & occasion trends in 2022. This forecast provides an exploration of theme, colour and product direction across decoration, gift, greetings, food and drink.


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The future of celebration and occasion

From birthday celebrations to Mother’s Day, from marking a life milestone like moving to a new home or expressing ‘thinking of you’ sentiments, this trend forecast is designed to help bring fresh ideas to all celebrations and occasions in 2022.

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What’s inside?

Digestible trend drivers: Our experts provide the key information behind our unique celebration and occasion trends for 2022. They provide evidence of what drives change, helping you understand the meaning behind them.

Three unique trends: Our three trends provide comprehensive design direction across colour, shape, material, motif, typography, print and pattern.

Colour direction: Our forecast includes 7 PANTONE® referenced colours for each of the 3 trends.

Product direction: Commercial, product-led visual guidance on how the trends can be applied across a variety of categories from decor to food and gift.

Pattern, illustration & type direction: Each trend provides creative direction across type, editorial, pattern and illustration; an essential head start for copywriters and print designers developing paper goods, stationery and craft ranges.

Digital content library: JPEG files for all copyright protected images featured in the trends, for your reference and digital colour swatch downloads.