Waterless Cleaning

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31 January 2018

Mirjam de Bruijn’s Twenty

Forecasting for the Home Interiors and FMCG markets, we need to stay up to date with big picture concerns that could impact the future of life at home. With air quality continuing to be a cause for concern, we are seeing more people growing wary of the effects of global warming and an increasing demand for sustainable design and emission-conscious products.

Design graduate Mirjam de Bruijn’s product range, Twenty, offers a refreshing approach to environmentally friendly design.

After discovering that the majority of household products contain more than 80% water, Mirjam found a way to condense ingredients reducing transportation, production processes and CO2 emissions. By removing the water content and utilising the other 20% of ingredients, she was able to produce cleaning products such as dish soap, shampoo and detergent, in the form of highly concentrated powders, bars, and liquid capsules. The consumer is then able to mix the products with water themselves and store in reusable packaging.

Mirjam de Bruijn’s Twenty

Designed with consumer habits in mind, durable packaging is available in different shapes and sizes depending on the usage of the product. “For the bottles, I made the dish detergent much smaller as people have dishwashers these days and are washing-up less,” Mirjam explains.

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