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30 August 2017

The Yoga School

As consumers look for ways to achieve new levels of wellness, a new form of indulgence has emerged. With this in mind, it’s important for those working in the hospitality industry to cater for this desire and work towards incorporating mindfulness and wellbeing into their offerings. According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism revenue increased 14% from 2013 to 2015, a growth rate that is more than double overall tourism expenditure. There is a growing attitude amongst travellers to view their accommodation, not just as a place to stay, but as a place to reconnect, replenish and revitalise. 

In this blog post we take a look at some of the wellness retreats and luxurious leisure concepts working to make people feel healthier and happier.

Hilton | Five Feet To Fitness

Business Wire

Harnessing the growing importance of wellbeing to many of its guests, the Hilton has introduced ‘Five Feet To Fitness’ to its Parc 55 San Francisco hotel, a wellness concept that provides a new kind of guestroom wellness experience.

“Guests will quickly realize we have gone much further than simply placing a piece of equipment in a room,” explains Ryan Crabbe, Senior Director of Global Wellness at Hilton, “it is a guest room that combines a sleep and fully integrated fitness experience which delivers an impressive new dimension of convenience and personalization.”

Offering a fitness suite option, guests are able to work out in the privacy of their rooms, making it easy for visitors to maintain their exercise routines whilst staying at the hotel. The room comes equipped with a ‘Fitness Kiosk’ where guests can receive equipment tutorials and workouts, sports equipment, and gym accessories such a meditation chair, blackout shades for restorative sleep, Biofreeze to ease muscle tension, and a selection of protein and hydration drinks.

Soul Circus Festival

Nix & Kix

Yoga and Wellness Festival, Soul Circus, is one of the few festivals that places health and wellbeing at its heart with music as an added touch. Taking place in the Cotswolds, the mindful retreat provides creative workshops and classes in yoga, vinyasa flow, circus aerial and more, hosted in both open air and steaming hot tents. There is also an on-site spa, live music and DJ tents, as well as local and organic food offerings.

Swissotel – The Vitality Room

Swissôtel Zurich & Wallpaper* Magazine

Transforming the way we view Hotel gyms, Swissotel Zurich has partnered with Wallpaper* magazine to create ‘The Vitality Room’, a concept working to provide a holistic wellness experience. The Swissotel Hotels’ Vice President Lilian Roten says, “Our new Vitality Room is a unique place where our guests have the opportunity to be immersed in an environment of peace and health, where they can truly live well.”

The space offers a calming material palette, black-out blinds, discreet technology and dedicated space for exercise and relaxation. An air purification system along with mood lighting, scented bathing elements and varying water pressures in the bathroom add to the sanctuary experience, helping guests maintain their mental and physical health while away from home.

The Morgans Hotel Group

LMNOP Creative, Morgans Hotel Group

Focusing on their guests’ mental health and wellbeing, Morgans Hotel Group have launched a program that aims to reduce guests’ daily stress levels through physical experiences and mindful exercises. “Today’s travelers are looking beyond fitness to include all aspects of one’s wellbeing,” says Morgans Hotel Group Chief Operating Officer Chadi Farhat.

Alongside on-site services for guests, including massage therapy, yoga and meditation sessions, the group has also introduced a range of mindful colouring books and a mindful app. The illustrations in the book were created by artist Peter Ankle and depict picturesque scenes from various iconic Morgans properties. The hotel group teamed up with the creators of the buddhify app, Mindfulness Everywhere, to produce travel meditations specifically designed for their guests.

New generation leisure concepts will allow consumers to turn their gym session into a social activity. Viewing health and wellness as an extension of consumers’ personalities there is an opportunity for commercial environments to respond and create spaces that cater for both.

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