Why Staying in is the New Going Out

Written by trendbible

17 March 2017

Kate La Vie, Style Me Pretty 

In the first part of our ‘Future of Alcohol’ series, we explored how health trends are disrupting the alcohol industry and discussed the importance for brands and drink manufacturers to consider the appeal of their products beyond alcohol content. In this post we take a look at another shift in consumer behaviour, exploring why staying in is the new going out.

Going clubbing is no longer a high priority for Millennials. In fact, a survey by Media Post suggested that 75% of Millennials said they’d rather stay in than go out at night. Choosing to swipe right rather than meet someone in a club, ordering takeaways or cooking at home rather than going to a restaurant and binge watching Netflix from the sofa are now the more desired activities for this generation.

This mindset is placing focus on the home and how it is designed and decorated to accommodate such behaviours. For Millennials, the home is the place for socialising therefore finding the balance between functionality and style is important. With this we have seen a rise in luxe barware. According to wayfair.co.uk, drinks trolley sales increased by almost 200% in 2016. Displaying stylish bottles, bar accessories and glassware amongst plants and other decorative accessories in the home is now a trend many are adopting.

With such a focus on curated display in the home, it is even more important for drinks brands to consider the design of their product. Rather than hiding away alcohol bottles, householders are choosing to keep them out on show. With this in mind, high quality, design-led, status-enhancing packaging is key.

Fair Drinks, Faculty Brewing Co. 

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Stay tuned for part three of our ‘Future of Alcohol’ series, where we will be revealing the top 5 alcohol trends your brand should be aware of for 2017. 

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