Home Trends: Autumn Winter 2013/14

In this post we reflect on past forecasts and share a detailed overview of our Autumn Winter 2013/14 Home and Interior Trends for those of you who work closer to the season. This forecast was published back in 2011, over two years ahead of the season.



This story takes inspiration from the natural world living deep beneath the surface of our seas. Focusing on organic, natural constructions, this story explores sub-acquatic plants and creatures, immersed and submerged in a surreal world. Design explores and mimics  delicate constructions, microscopic frills, folds entwining roots and tendrils.

This story explores a mix of glossy and opaque surfaces, raw slate and exposed concrete. Folded neoprene, constructed ruffles and chunky knits imitate the complexity found in aquatic plant structures. Submerged embraces a simplified and stripped back print direction, celebrating a new, fresh minimalistic outlook. Examining textures found in dispersing ink, rough powdery coral, ariel views of marshland and waterscapes is important. Gradiated colour and biological contours combined with flowing organic stripes set a new tone for surface pattern.




We’ve been working with clients in interior and product design to interpret the recent  move away from decorative repeat prints. Assembled explores this unfussy decoration in a pure form, capturing a new minimal approach. Decoration is integrated in the basic construction of the product through innovative use of manufacturing techniques. Pared back pattern allows visible evidence of construction and processes, a true appreciation of the object. Multi-purpose and dual function attributes lead product design direction.

Transparent, tinted plastics and polypropylene influence the material directions but have a familiar retro quality. Layering laser cut frills, mixing ceramics and plastic, resin and wood, unexpected placements and compositions work together in a clean, simplistic and considered manner. Clever design celebrates the science of manufacture.  Prints are 1950’s inspired but bring an updated, unusual and abstract quality through patchwork patterns, micro weave structures and irregular, broken stripes.




This trend is about commemorating and capturing the act of giving. It explores celebrating tradition, religion, culture and age old rituals with a fresh twist. Through the use of social networking and today’s mass communication channels, concepts such as subscription gifts and social vending machines are uniting people and encouraging the act of giving from all over the world.

Taking inspiration from Russian architecture and the Winter Olympics, materials are heavily texture driven. Chunky tapestries, heavily embroidered textiles with raw and rustic finishes. Tassels and beading adding detail and depth sit alongside dark natural and painted wooden finishes. Key print directions take the form of star motifs, imperfect geometrics and updated Baroque florals. Hand printed and painted finishes with spontaneous irregular placements are important. 




Majestic sees the subtle return of glamour and luxury. Taking inspiration from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations this trend is all about decoration, bejewelled and encrusted details complementing vintage, rustic and worn woven textiles. Elegant, faded glamour is captured through mirrored surfaces and rustic dipped effects. Pale lime-washed or grey woods combined with lustre, shimmer and shine, creates this warm yet luxurious winter atmosphere.

Sparkly glitter is sprinkled delicately and sparsely. Engraved and sandblasted, tarnished shine in this frosty predominantly blue winter story. Shiny copper and matt gold adding warmth and depth. Beads and sequins are embroidered onto heavy dark velvet fabric.


For more information about our Autumn Winter 2013/14 Home trends and to track all our past forecasts take a look at our Trend Bible pinterest page.

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