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The future belongs to our children and at TrendBible we believe they respond to their own set of influences. We use foresight methodologies and analyse all areas of their lives to help you make an impact on their world.

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The story of the next generation

The world of parents, babies and kids moves fast. It’s one thing getting your product to market, it’s another thing entirely getting it into people’s hands, homes and hearts. You need to understand and predict the future consumer trends in their frenetic world. Maybe before they even know it themselves. 

What’s more, the rest of society looks to those of us who cater to the baby and children’s industry to see what messages we – as brands, manufacturers and retailers – convey to these educated, politically-articulate children who intend to own their future long before they become adults.

From understanding parenting mindsets and Gen Alpha to Gen Z tweens, we’ll help you see what’s coming next, so you can be confident of your place in their world.

Inspire your next idea

  • Inspiring commercially relevant trends for the Baby & Kids industry to activate your products, packaging and marketing campaigns.
  • Beautifully-curated PANTONE® colour palettes to apply across textiles, hard goods and print.
  • From statement prints to seamless repeats, our copyright-free print libraries provide print, pattern and motif direction for all industries.
  • Directional materials for printed and woven textiles, soft furnishings, furniture, plush and hard goods, paper goods, stationery and craft.

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Make trends come alive in your business

  • In an ever-changing world, eliminate any doubt through our objective future consumer trend insights, tailored specifically to your brand.
  • Armed with our credible forecasts and team working collaboratively with you, aligning your people and on-boarding key decision makers becomes faster and easier.

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