Our bespoke trend consultancy service allows us to filter trends and frame the information in a way that’s best for your brand. We step into your shoes and look at influences that affect you specifically.

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Why the best brands use trend foresight

80% of brands tell us their biggest challenge is activating trends

It’s near impossible to stay on top of everything that could possibly impact your business in addition to your day job. Endless amounts of information and subjective opinion can be overwhelming and counter-productive for you and your team. And in a world where your customers don’t stand still, neither can you.

Trend insight is a powerful transformative tool. But forecasting trends is only half the story. Making trends highly relevant for your future consumer and right for your brand is a real balancing act. Meaningful interpretation of trends is our specialism and where we truly shine.

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A clear direction to follow

From online and in person workshops to tailored trend packages, our range of consultancy services are built on a series of unique, tried and tested methodologies. Whether you are new to trends or already have trends embedded in your business, we’ll make sure you are super clear about what it is you need to do. And we’ll make sure you have fun too.

Learn the art of responding to the right trend

If you want to develop an understanding of how to use trends in order to develop in your profession, this one’s for you. Our half-day interactive masterclass introduces you to trend forecasting and looks at why trends matter. It will increase confidence levels and help you innovate and drive distinction in your market. We recommend this course to anyone involved in trends in whatever form that takes.  

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Translate trends with confidence

Companies typically come to us because they might have an idea of the themes they should be addressing but aren’t sure how they should play out for their sector. It might be they’ve invested in forecasting but don’t know what it means specifically for their company and how to take it forward. 

Our knowledgeable team is confident and creative in everything we do and we’re here to give you clarity, direction and support in order to respond to shifts in the market and make the right decisions in this fast-changing world.  

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One-to-one advice from our trend experts

Our Ignite sessions give you the opportunity to work collaboratively with one of our trend experts. These 90 minute consultations allow you to interrogate a trend, ask any questions and get advice on how to implement it so you feel confident in taking it to the next level.

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