We are here to make a difference

At TrendBible we strive for authentic representation and an empowering environment for all. We actively pursue positive measures and continuous improvement towards diversity, equality and inclusion.

2 female trend forecasters working on a DEI forecast on a corkboard wall with fabrics and colour palettes

Our ongoing commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion

While acknowledging the journey ahead in achieving our equality, diversity and inclusion objectives, we are actively pursuing positive measures as a unified team and business. This commitment involves consistently challenging ourselves to improve and strive for better.

Our Framework for Fairness

As trend forecasters, we’re responsible for helping to shape the product lines and messaging for some of the world’s largest and most impactful organisations. We have a responsibility to make sure our trend forecasts are accurate and to mitigate personal taste or preference for the trend intelligence that presents itself to us.

TrendBible’s Framework for Fairness is our pledge to establishing realistic diversity, equality and inclusion goals tailored to our own unique business, location, and industry. Aligned with B Corp principles, we are working towards certification. Our framework holds all our stakeholders accountable in areas such as staff training, talent championing, internships, our change makers initiative, social and geographical inclusion, design, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

Image of a macbook with a trend report open on screen about Inclusion

The actions we are taking towards a better workplace

Strategic Planning and Monitoring: Quarterly ED&I meetings with our leadership team for updates and goal prioritisation. Regular auditing and updating of policies and handbooks to ensure inclusivity and accessibility.

Inclusive Recruitment Practices: Ensuring a supportive, diverse, and inclusive recruitment process, providing opportunities for all applicants to perform their best.

Employee Development and Wellbeing: Regular training, ‘Inspire Hours’ and workshops on mental health, neurodiversity, wellbeing, menopause and financial wellbeing. Collaborating with external behavioural experts to enhance team inclusivity and effectiveness. Developing a balanced workforce through the Northeast Combined Authority Good Work Pledge.

Cultural Engagement: Establishing a TrendBible Culture Council with team representatives for monthly cultural discussions. Creating a safe space for open communication on important topics and issues.

Community Engagement and Outreach: Taking a grassroots approach and working with local schools, colleges, and universities together with our founder’s initiative ‘Creative Studio Tours’ to provide free talks and skills workshops, enabling students to see and hear about careers pathways to working in creative industries in the North East.

Accessibility: Ensuring physical and digital accessibility for both our team and our clients. Utilising technology for neurodiverse inclusivity, such as colour-accessibility, captions and digital collaboration tools.

Addressing Underrepresentation: Recognising that diverse communities are underrepresented within our team. This is an industry and geographical challenge. We want to help to support and drive change in our industry, making short and long-term commitments to improve diversity, equity and inclusion at TrendBible.

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