How we forecast trends

A blend of trend forecasting and foresight methodologies that build a clear picture of the future. We empower businesses to anticipate and activate change.

Our process



Our global team of researchers scan for weak signals of early change across a broad range of lifestyle factors, economic drivers and cultural indicators.



We map out the implications of change across a number of future scenarios and begin to identify patterns that help us cluster our findings into clear themes.



From the research and analysis, we develop a hypothesis. We layer in expert opinions by hosting panel discussions and interviews to build a rich and informed vision of the future.



We apply a number of contextual lenses to our forecasts to ensure they are robust and inclusive, eliminating unconscious bias through the application of a geographical and cultural lens.



Our objective is to help our clients use our forecasts to do something that differentiates them. This means identifying the golden opportunities and articulating the challenges that these forthcoming shifts may present for their business.

Our Team

Our team at TrendBible is made up of highly experienced trend forecasters and foresight professionals. With backgrounds in design, interiors, media and consumer products, we thrive being able to apply a commercial angle to our trends. We pride ourselves on being completely approachable and developing great relationships.

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Our Trend Network

Our global trend network is an essential part of our team delivering transformative, cutting edge work for our global clients. Our trend experts ensure a diverse representation of age, specialism, gender, ethnicity and geography so our trend forecasts are fully considered and relevant for everyone across the social and cultural spectrum.

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