What is trend forecasting?

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“The more that you understand about the likely future, the more you can shape it to be as you wish. You might not be able to change the shape of the future itself, but you can adjust your own position to take best advantage of future developments.”
– Ray Hammond, Scary/Wonderful


What we do – Future Insights

Trying to shape a picture of what the future will look like is essential to stay ahead of the game. Trend forecasting helps brands envisage this picture, evidencing what the future concerns of consumers will be; helping our clients to develop product ranges and marketing messages that reflect these needs.

A common misconception of trend forecasting is that the trends predicted are ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’ At Trend Bible, this is not the case. We work closely with our clients to understand their customers’ needs and marketing positioning to create tangible trends with longevity.

Generic trend services do not take in to account the specific influences that affect your company. We develop strong relationships with our clients, becoming their eyes and ears and bringing innovation and inspiration from a broad range of disciplines.

How we forecast a trend

Our team are experts in gathering research from a broad range of sectors including technology, economics, media and design and analysing what this means for home life.  This means we can detect new and innovative concepts, framing the information in a way that’s best for your brand.

Whilst doing this, we understand that endless amounts of information can be overwhelming and counter-productive for your team. That is why we ask the hard questions, filter the trends and only tell you what you need to know. At TrendBible we believe in a careful and considered approach to trends and we advise the brands we work with not to follow a trend just because it’s current. We offer support and guidance on how to act on this information in order to gain commercial success.

Relevant and specific

Another barrier companies often face, is the perception that trends are only relevant if you want to be at the forefront of cutting-edge design or appealing to the ‘early adopter’ consumers. However, knowing when to respond to which trend is crucial for any brand wanting to get it right. This means that if your customers are more mass market, understanding what’s going to impact them in advance is vital so you can respond in a way that is right for both your brand and customer.

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