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Our trend forecasts make the complicated simple and provide real clarity on future consumer trends, so you can focus on what you’re going to do and confidently move ahead.

A treasure trove of inspiration

If you want a glimpse into the future, our trend books are an essential trend forecasting tool for designers, product developers, and marketers. They offer exclusive insights into the shifts in attitude and lifestyle of consumers. Now, more than ever, our clients find them invaluable – with major inspiration shows canceled, sourcing new ideas is proving difficult, so our Trend Books are perfect for finding those sparks of inspiration. They’re also a great way to explore what’s driving change, allowing you to be prepared for the unexpected.

The future of life at home on your desktop

From future consumer macro trends to design direction our range of trend books and reports are available in digital format. And perhaps one of the biggest advantages of purchasing our books is that you’re not restricted by licences or geography – they can be shared with as many members of the team as you like, wherever they are. And when you buy a Trend Book, you’ll automatically become a member of Your TrendBible.

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