Trend Resources

Whether you’ve established a trend forecasting process in your business, or you’re new to the industry and want to learn more, we believe everyone should have an understanding of what trends are, why they matter and how to bring them to life inside a business.

How we forecast trends

A blend of trend forecasting and foresight methodologies that build a clear picture of the future. We empower businesses to anticipate and activate change.

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Why trends matter

Well considered and meticulously profiled products will resonate with their intended audience, producing less waste, less harm to the planet and an improved quality of home life.

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Welcome to our A-Z glossary of trend terms

We’ve created some concise definitions for all the trend terms and phrases you will find useful when learning about trend forecasting for the future of life at home.

Whether it’s a quick explainer on what a trend is or a more complex exploration of methodology, we’ve got you covered.

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Trend Glossary

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