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TrendBible is a global future trends agency – we’re in the business of identifying tomorrow’s opportunities. We provide the clarity, direction and support to help you face what’s ahead and to step confidently into it.

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As a trend forecasting company, we track the signals, connections and patterns that inform the future and bring them close enough to touch.

What is trend forecasting?

An authority on the future trends of life at home

Our philosophy is one based on deeply understanding the mindsets and attitudes of consumers towards the future of life at home. We believe that being original has never been so pertinent. Brands and organisations need a well-differentiated offer and it really matters to stand for something. That’s why TrendBible walks a fine line between inspiration and commercial success.

Companies work with us to better understand future trends for their audience and what will drive their thoughts, tastes and behaviours. A strong grasp of future trends helps brands and organisations make informed commercial decisions. Using tried and tested foresight methodologies that we’ve honed over twenty years, along with market intelligence, solid research and qualitative insights, we help future-proof the world’s most ambitious and forward thinking businesses.

TrendBible exists to turn confusion into clarity, doubt into belief and creative block into creative freedom. Problems become opportunities. We are the curators. The strategists. The intelligence-gatherers. The forward-thinkers. The transformers.

Be ready for the future. Whatever it holds.

When the world can seem filled with pitfalls and uncertainties, TrendBible provides you with the knowledge of how the future of life at home will be in two to five years’ time. Our range of products and services are designed to succinctly package up future consumer mindset trends into easy, accessible chunks of advice, and at a budget you can afford.

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Identify opportunities.

Whether it’s the future of eating, decorating, playing, celebrating, cleaning or bringing up children, our trend forecasts provide you with the tools to identify the right opportunities for your business and do something truly great. TrendBible is a full-service agency offering valuable trend inspiration and commercial validation to kick-start your innovation process.

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Act with confidence.

We don’t just hand over our findings and wish you the best of luck. We’ll work with you closely to make sure our trend insights relate directly to your specific business. This way, we empower you to confidently take ownership of the right trends and make them your own.

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Stay relevant.

Knowing when to respond to a trend is crucial – it allows you to respond in a way that’s right for both your business and customer. We’ll become your eyes and ears, bringing innovation from a broad range of disciplines to enlighten your thinking and create commercially relevant and meaningful solutions the world is waiting for.

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