2022 macro trends influencing the baby and kids industry

2022 Macro Trends | Trendbible

An overwhelming desire to regain connection and control, whether that’s with ourselves, our children or the world around us, spans across our 2022 macro trends for the baby and kids industry. For some, this provokes very insular and inward behaviours, where protecting family interests is the utmost priority. For others, a more globally-minded approach is adopted, with children and caregivers doing everything they can to protect people and the planet.

In the face of global disruption and radical change, comes a vast opportunity for brands and organisations to innovate and respond to the needs of their future consumers. Our Senior Trend Editor Jenna Galley shares four 2022 macro trends that reflect the world of how children and their families will be living next year and beyond.

1. Youth Revolution

Bobo Choses

Progressive youth are fronting the fight for a better, more compassionate world and won’t stop until they achieve it.  Apathy is traded for action as children and their parents rally together to revolt against social injustice, gender disparities, environmental damage and economic inequality.

2. Play Therapy

Aiki Studio

From a world in a state of constant stimulation, emerges a new understanding and appreciation of sensory withdrawal. In response, softer forms of stimulation come to the fore, aimed to soothe children rather than overstimulate.

3. Resilient Me

Lucy McCrae

In the age of uncertainty, where the likelihood of future pandemics exists, protecting yourself, your children and your environment becomes a high priority. The reintroduction back into society and the chaos and complexities this brings drives parents and children to adopt a survivalist mindset, allowing them to become more agile and ready to cope with change.

4. Future Now

Visualise Metaverse

The future is now. Technology that was once seen as purely science fiction, is now the driving force towards a new era of connection and control. This tech enabled freedom impacts how we raise our children, choose to consume and shape our environments. It also unlocks a new wave of exciting opportunities across play, entertainment and education.

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